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Chapter Membership



Recruit Officer Larry Kepley Jr.

Chapter membership is available to any fire service organization that is interested. Membership may be by city or county fire departments,  firefighter's association, or other such groups. The willingness to work with  other fire departments and firefighters  from other areas  is critical to our success. The Firefighters' Burned Children Fund, Inc. needs your help. In order to have a positive effect, we need firefighters and fire service personnel from across the state to become actively involved.

 For those who are interested in forming a new Chapter, click on the Chapter Application link below to download an application form. Please complete this form then return it to the State Office for approval.

Upon approval for membership, all requests to use the FFBCF logo must be submitted to the Chair of the State Office, who will present the proposal to the Executive Board. The request will be reviewed to ensure that it meets the criteria set forth in this policy before granting approval for its use.

An application letter will be required by those seeking use of the FFBCF logo. This application letter should provide descriptions of the products which would bear the logo, list the prices of the products, indicate the use of the proceeds from the sale of the products, define the market where the products would be sold, and provide any other pertinent information about the product. A pricing schedule will be used to ensure consistency among all members.

Chapter Application

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