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Aluminum Can Collections

This consists of the gathering of cans and sales to a recycling center. Meet with a recycling center in your area and develop a partnership that will allow you to earn money for the fund by recycling cans. Locate trailers at various places in your area, such as fire departments, schools, shopping centers, or golf courses for the public to drop off their cans. Use community service workers. These people are excellent to use for sorting bags of cans, trailer maintenance, sign making, etc. This is another good way of developing a partnership with your community.

BI-LO Boosters Program

The BI-LO Boosters program is open to all non-profit organizations such as schools, churches and charities. You can enroll your non-profit organization in the program by calling 1-800-768-4438. Once you have a number, get as many people to enroll as you can. Then, each time they use their BI-LO BonusCard, the purchase amount will be automatically attributed to the charity selected. At the end of each quarter, BI-LO will make a donation based on a percentage of total purchases.

Donations  (may be tax deductible)

1. Private donations are given by individuals for various reasons.
2. Corporate donations may include Industries, Theme Parks, Grocery  Stores, Box Companies, Trucking Companies, etc.

Heroes Convention/Seminars

Special events in your community that are looking for a good cause to donate to.

Auto Shows/ Rod Runs/ Motorcycle Rallies/Musters/ Competitions

Entry Fees, Raffles, Sales of Concessions for competition are an excellent way to earn money for your chapter.


Promotional groups and joint projects with local TV or radio stations.


Use your imagination, ideas are unlimited.


Keep in mind the image and purpose of the FFBCF, and that everything YOU do helps in the support of burn victims.

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