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Dedicated to the support, education and recovery of burn survivors and their families and the prevention of burn injuries.


The Firefighters' Burned Children Fund, Inc. (FFBCF) is operated for the sole purpose of raising funds. This can be done by a variety of methods, the most common of which is saving aluminum cans. The proceeds earned are then used to provide non-medical assistance to child burn victims, and developing and implementing burn prevention programs.


The Firefighters' Burned Children Fund is a non-profit organization developed by area firefighters to support burn survivors and to prevent burn injuries before they occur.

The Firefighters' Burned Children Fund promotes the s involvement of fire departments and fire service organizations that are interested in working within their communities and with other participants of the Fund in reducing the number and the severity of burn.


Our Dedication and Commitment

The Firefighters’ Burned Children Fund is made up of dedicated individuals and departments that have a common interest in supporting the recovery of burn patients and the prevention of burn injuries.

As we continue to grow in numbers, the knowledge and energy that is focused on helping others only strengthens our dedication to the task that lies ahead.

Together we can make a difference in burn prevention and life safety in North Carolina!

Through the exchange of ideas, information and the building of public and private partnerships within our communities, the F.F.B.C.F. will continue to be a leader in support and education of burn victims and their families.

All we need is your commitment to join in our efforts!

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